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Mobile web apps don’t seem to be actually apps. In truth, they’re websites that are designed to look and feel like a mobile app. These “apps” are popular due to their low cost and cross-platform compatibility. These apps are built using HTML5, which may be a browser-based programming language. Mobile web apps are accessed through web browsers on mobile devices, instead of through app stores. Users add web apps to their home screens during the primary session, which places an icon on their device’s screen. In subsequent sessions, users simply tap on the icon to open the app.


 Mobile web app interfaces look almost exactly like native apps, and might be accessed from any smartphone or tablet, including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile devices. While mobile apps are less expensive to form than true native apps, they are available with some notable restrictions. First, not all device features is leveraged through a mobile web app. For apps that need such advanced functionality, like running within the background, a native app may be a far better choice. Second, mobile apps don’t seem to be listed in app stores. this implies that users will have to know the app’s browser URL so as to access it for the primary time. Finally, mobile web apps generally run and answer input slightly slower than native mobile apps.

Native Apps

Native apps are mobile applications that are built with platform-specific programming languages and are downloaded from app stores on mobile devices. They are developed specifically for one platform, and can take full advantage of all the device features — they can use the camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts, and so on. While these apps must be built for every platform separately (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc), they enjoy a bunch of benefits over mobile web apps, including:

  • Responsiveness: Native apps are more responsive than other styles of applications. This makes them feel smoother and snappier.
  • Features: Native apps can take full advantage of system-level features. This enables them to supply functionality that can’t be matched by mobile web apps, like background notifications, offline access, GPS, and camera use.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are a mix of mobile web app and native app. they’re built with a mix of platform-specific programming and HTML5, which allows portions of the code to be used for app development on other platforms. Hybrid apps are often simply containers for existing mobile websites, which allows them to be downloaded from app stores onto mobile devices. Hybrid apps, like native apps, are able to leverage advanced device functionality, which provides them a footing over mobile web apps.

Hybrid apps don’t come without restrictions. Because they’re not true native apps, their overall functionality and responsiveness won’t be as smooth as a native app, and therefore the interface won’t match that of a native app. They are also not suitable for apps that need offline access, as they need to depend upon browser caching for offline use, which might be unreliable.

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