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There may be a lot of questions in your head concerning website design, why it is essential for your company/business, what will you gain from going online, and how can we at Techtra Digital help you. You are at the one-stop destination to get answers to all your queries. A Website Design Company in Faridabad, Techtra Digital is here to assist you with your website designing requirements and help you shape your business and yourself to adapt and conquer the digital world.


First, let us answer the quintessential question – why do you need a website? The advantages of having a website are immense. First of all, it helps showcase all your products/services under one umbrella – your brand name. It furthermore enables your prospective customers to find answers to any questions they might have – about your company, about the products/services you offer, about your company policy, as well as the working of your company. Going online, especially at a time like this, furthermore improves your visibility globally. Your website can reach anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. All of your digital campaigns will act as an attraction for a prospective user to redirect to your website. This action would consequently result in your website becoming the base of taking your business online. Therefore, you must have a well-designed website to engage with your audience and give them all the information they would need to convert website visitors to customers. Another reason why having a website is necessary in today’s digital dominated world is because your website will enable you to stay connected with your customers 24/7, all year around. With the emergence of technology and improvements in Artificial Intelligence, chatbots can answer user queries even at a time when human customer care executives may be unavailable. Above all, your website would display a sense of professionalism to your customers and therefore make them understand that you mean business. Having a professional website also makes you more appealing to not only your customers but also your competitors. A well-defined site can also help you curate your advertising, especially for the people looking for your product/service, thereby ensuring that your efforts are fruitful.


Now that we have mentioned why a website is essential, we are here to tell you how we, at Techtra Digital – Website Designing Company in Faridabad can help. We aim to give you the best first impression because your website would impact the way your audience perceives your brand. As a result of using efficient Search Engine Optimisation, we make sure that your website page appears higher on the search results. We aim to curate your website with a simplistic design for the reason that it makes it easier for the users to navigate and get to know about your products and services. For us, customer satisfaction is a top-most priority and hence aim to understand your requirements and curate your website accordingly for your use. As a team, we aim to create more than just a site for you. We aim to create an experience with interactive customer service, a perfect understanding of your requirements, and timely updates. Furthermore, we have competitive prices to give you the best services at a feasible cost and light on your pocket. A Website Designing Company in Faridabad, Techtra Digital aims at making the optimal use of your time and investment with our company.



9,000/- plus 18% GST


18,000/- plus 18% GST


35,000/- plus 18% GST


We extend a plethora of services to suit every personal or business requirement. A few of our various services include:

  • Responsive Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Landing Page Websites
  • CMS based Websites
  • Customized Websites


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Want a website that can adapt to any screen size/any device? We have got you covered with our service to design responsive websites and make sure your site is accessible to everyone and every device. Components on this website can hide, resize, enlarge, and shrink according to the orientation and screen size. With this, you can make sure your site is accessible from anywhere at any time.


To sell your goods/services online, we are here to design and deploy efficient e-commerce websites, curated to your requirement. Add modules to your e-commerce website according to your requirement, time, and scale of business. With integrated payment options and a variety of design templates to choose from, Techtra Digital – A Website Design Company in Faridabad aims to give you an interactive and practical e-commerce website and enable your digital journey.


We can help in designing and curating a website specifically for any particular social media/digital campaign to interact with your customers and give them information regarding that specific campaign only. Landing Pages promote a simple design that helps the user take a call to action and thereby improve your interaction with your users. With effective user interactions, you can enable more customer acquisition and grow your business.


Want to handle your website but find coding too cumbersome? We’ve got you covered with our CMS Based Websites Service. We can help curate a website such that it becomes easy for you to manage your database details, text, and images with a few simple steps and clicks. This service makes publishing content more comfortable and more simplified for you. Additionally, it also helps increase your SEO rankings. It helps in providing the customers with answers to their queries and consecutively improving your relationship with them.


If you want your website to be curated to your requirement and to perform specific functionalities, the designs and website structure can be by your specification of time, money, and other constructs. With customized websites, make your vision of your digital appearance come to life.

We aim at giving you a seamless experience of curating your website as per your requirement with Techtra Digital – A Website Designing Company in Faridabad. Reach out to us, and we shall set out on a quest to design and deploy the website you have always wanted, just the way you have thought of it.

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