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Techtra digital is one of the leading Website Designing Company in Gurgaon, India, who is making its mark all over the world.


Are you tired of reading hundreds of articles on the internet about various web designing companies? Is everyone is making pompous comments of how they are the best for you and will give you commendable services? Still not convinced what’s best for you? Don’t worry you are certainly in the perfect place as we at Techtra Digital is one of the aspiring companies among other web development companies.

Before you start looking at what major services we provide, allow us to tell you why do you need a website. Therefore if you want your firm to grow, your intentions must be right and you should not do just for the sake that others are doing that. 


Times are changing. We are in the 21st century and people are growing and learning new things every second. One of the major changes that the market has experienced is a tremendous shift in customer base from offline to online.

Likewise, it is important for firms who have started from the root level or are in the game from the very beginning to change your focus towards the target audience. The potential customers are from the age group 18-50 and the majority of them believe in purchasing stuff online. Therefore, to boost your sales, you have to have a website.

Furthermore, it reduces your efforts. Gone are the days when there would be customers crowding in a shop. You had to hire an army of salesmen and also your fixed cost exceeded variable costs on many days. Due to the presence of many brands online the customer base has spread quite evenly. Hence, hiring a good web development agency will reduce your workload and will give you time to think of your firm’s growth.

Now that we have given you more clear reasons why you even need a website. Therefore let’s move further as to what services we offer.



9,000/- plus 18% GST


18,000/- plus 18% GST


35,000/- plus 18% GST


E-commerce or electronic business is simply the sale and purchase of goods and services online. We design top class websites that offer this. The website is attractive and also smooth functioning.


It is a standalone web page whose main purpose is marketing and advertising campaign. This is designed for a specific purpose which is to increase the conversion rates and cut your costa to acquire a sale.


It has now therefore become one of the popular ways of promoting products and is fully known as search engine optimization which is a technique to improve the chances of your website showing on top when a customer is looking for a good or service that you offer.


We have talented and resourceful content writers whose words will not only glorify and add value to your brand but also will help in promoting your product at various platforms.


We know it is difficult to attract more traffic to a website these days. That’s why our technicians make eye-catching websites which will ensure more eyeballs, as well as the audience, would want to visit your site multiple times.


Our technicians make it easy to read and access sites to drive more audience towards your brand. They use techniques like beta testing to ensure that the site is smooth functioning and will show no error to your readers. This will help you to make a good brand value for your firm in the market.


Other services that we offer are as follows-

  • Video creation
  • Brand building
  • Mobile app development
  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Pay per click
  • Content writing and many more…
  • You name it and Techtra does it for you in the field of digital marketing.

Now that you are aware of our specialties let us tell you why we are the best digital marketing agency and website designing company in Gurgaon in India.


In sync with our client's needs:

We at Techtra believe that the customer should be trusted at all times. Hence, not only do we complete our contract diligently we are always in sync with what our client needs at every step of the game. Doesn’t matter if you are a new startup, struggling to decide what’s best or you are at the top of the game looking for more business opportunities to escalate your business.

Clientele around the world:

We have various international clients all over USA, Canada, UK, Asia and Europe. Now, you may be thinking how does it help you? With a clientele base all over the world, our team has vast experience in the field of digital marketing. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced and hence our service will leave you in awe of us and you will appreciate our service utterly.

Young minds and raw talent:

Our team is filled with young minds whose raw talent can groom your business into a brand. Not only this, but we at Techtra are also immense supporters of hard work, and hence when the talent and hard work collide the outcome is magical and this is something we have always been appreciated by our customers.

Remarkable service with budget fitting:

As we mentioned that we are in sync with your needs, thus most digital agencies never realize the fact that every customer has a budget but we at Techtra offer you tons of services at a rate our competitors can’t even imagine to pull off. The service shall be commendable within a budget which will leave you admiring us.

Noteworthy reviews and no complaint background:

We have worked with many companies before and one thing you will find in common is their commendable reviews. Techtra believes that the ‘customer is god’ and hence your wish is our command. We have a no complaint background and all our previous clients are deeply satisfied with our services and are still a major fan of our services.

Adding value and getting results:

We are not another digital marketing agency who wishes to get the work done as quickly and possible and take our compensation. Our motto is to ADD VALUE to your currently existing brand, and getting positive results. We will never leave the hand of your firm until you are satisfied.

All you have to do is have faith in us.

Highly trained employees:

Unlike others, we don’t make exaggerated comments or claims about our agency. We have a dedicated task force, which is highly skilled and look for increasing productivity. We give our 110% to the task just to ensure that you are content with our services. The employees are certainly the best at what they do and some of the many other skills they are good at are :

  • Coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.)
  • Beta testing (cross-testing the smooth functioning of your website, code uploading, compatibility testing, etc.)
  • Launching (code transferring, sharing and promoting)

Finally, accountable and responsible:

We at Techtra know that you are looking for an agency on whom you can trust with your dear work which has your blood and tear. Therefore, we are always accountable at your one complaint and we take full responsibility for our work and staff. Hence you do not need to worry just trust us and we promise to never let you down.

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Concluding, we at Techtra Digital have the vision to add value to your work and get first-rate results for our clients. Our accountability, responsibility, hard work, talent and sheer dedication to our work is what makes us the best digital marketing agency in India.